Please in Polish

So, how to say please in Polish?

It’s quite easy. To say please in Polish language simply use proszę and you are done 🙂

– Please, help me! – Proszę, pomóż mi!
– Please, leave me alone. – Proszę, zostaw mnie w spokoju.

As you can see, it is easy to translate please into Polish language. But what about translating proszę back to English? Unfortunatelly this is more difficult, because proszę has other use cases apart from please. Do you know all of them? Check out below!

You’re welcome – proszę!

When somebody thanks you for something and you want to say you’re welcome, then in Polish language it will be just proszę. You can add bardzo, which means very.

– Thank you! – Dziękuję!
– You’re welcome! – Proszę bardzo!

Here you are – proszę

Another use case of proszę. When you give something to someone, then you also have to use proszę in Polish language.

– Your dinner is ready, here you are. – Państwa obiad jest gotowy, proszę bardzo.
– Here you are, it’s for you. – Proszę, to dla ciebie.

Go ahead – proszę

In Poland it is very common to let women go first through a door. If you don’t, then it may be perceived as rude. So in any situation, when you want to tell someone to go first, you can simply say proszę.

– Please, go ahead. – Proszę

Well, well! – proszę, proszę!

This one is quite easy. Simply, in Polish language instead of well, well, we say please, please 😀

– Well well! Who I see here! – Proszę, proszę! Kogo ja tu widzę!

Pardon? – Proszę?

In situations, when somebody haven’t heard what you’ve said, he or she may say proszę?, as a request to repeat the question.

– Excuse me, where is the nearest tax office? – Przepraszam, gdzie jest nabliższy urząd skarbowy?
– Pardon? – Proszę?

Ask for – prosić o

Proszę is just the first person singular form of the verb prosić in Present Tense. This gives us another use cases, where we can see the word proszę in a different contexts.

It’s stupid. I’m asking for trouble. To jest głupie. Proszę się o kłopoty.
I am asking for support! The enemy attacks! Proszę o wsparcie! Wróg atakuje!


Proszę proszę(1)! Now you know how to use proszę. Proszę(2)? Ah, you said thank you – proszę bardzo(3), not at all! Proszę(4), this article is for you 🙂 Proszę(5), leave a comment if you’ve learnt something new!

(1) well, well

(2) Pardon?

(3) You’re welcome

(4) Here you are

(5) Please

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