General questions

To transform any sentence into a question you can simply put the word “czy on the beginning and make the stress go up at the end of the sentence. Examples:

Czytam książkę. – Czy czytam książ?

I’m reading a book. – Am I reading a book?

Piszesz artykuł. – Czy piszesz artykuł?

You’re writing an article. – Are you writing an article?

You can also skip the word “czy” and use the same affirmative sentence to pose a question. Just remember to make the stress go up at the end of the sentence, so that it sounds like question. Example:

Czytasz książkę.  – Czytasz książ?

You are reading a book. – Are you reading a book?

Precise questions

If you want to make a detailed question about something with the usage of an interrogative words, then instead of “czy“, simply use the interrogative word and put stress on it. Examples:

Polish English
Co robisz? What are you doing?
Gdzie idziesz? Where are you going?
Jak długo pracujesz dzisiaj? How long do you work today?
Kto to jest? Who is this?
Dlaczego tak głośno mówisz? Why are you talking so loudly?

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