In the introduction to Present Tense I’ve told you, that almost every verb has a pair in Polish Language. One of the verb in the pair is imperfective and one is perfective. I’ve also told you, that you can use only imperfective verbs in Present Tense. Have you been wondering, what would happen, if you used perfective verb in Present Tense? The answer is quite surprising! If you apply the Present Tense endings to a perfective verb, then in the result you will get a verb in Future Tense! Examples:

Imperfective verb Perfective verb
Polish English Polish English
Piszę książkę.  I’m writing a book. Napiszę książkę.  I’ll write a book.
Czytam książkę.  I’m reading a book. Przeczytam książkę.  I’ll read a book.
Kupuję mieszkanie.  I’m buing a flat. Kupię mieszkanie.  I’ll buy a flat.
Robię zadanie domowe.  I’m doing homework. Zrobię zadanie domowe.  I’ll do homework.
Buduję dom.  I’m building a house. Zbuduję dom.  I’ll build a house.

Isn’t that amazing? While learning Present Tense, you also mastered one of the Future Tenses!

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