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Present Tense - Irregular verbs

Verb to be – być

One of the most important verbs: być – to be is irregular and you have to learn its conjugation by heart:

English (singular) Polish English (plural) Polish
I am jestem We are jesteśmy
You are jesteś You are jesteście
He / She / It is jest They are

Other irregular verbs

jeść – to eat

English (singular) Polish English (plural) Polish
I'm eating jem We're eating jemy
You're eating jesz You're eating jecie
He / She / It is eating je They're eating jedzą

wiedzieć – to know

English (singular) Polish English (plural) Polish
I know wiem We know wiemy
You know wiesz You know wiecie
He / She / It knows wie They know wiedzą

And that’s it! There is many more irregular verbs, which change the stem during conjugation, but if you follow my advice from the previous article and learn the first two forms of each verb, then these irregularities don’t matter! As long as you follow the conjugation pattern everything stays regular:

English (singular) Stem English (plural) Stem
I X We Y
You Y You Y
He / She / It Y They X

/ Home / Grammar / Tenses / Present Tense (czas teraźniejszy) / Irregular verbs

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