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Personal Pronouns

In the table below you can see the forms of personal pronouns in Dative Case.

Nominative Dative
ja mi / mnie I
ty ci / tobie you singular
on mu / jemu / niemu he
ona jej / niej she
ono mu / jemu / niemu it
my nam we
wy wam you plural
oni im / nim they masculine personal
one nim they non-masculine personal
sobie reflexive
  • the longer forms, like mnie or tobie have the same meaning as their shorter equivalents mi and ci. The longer forms are used for emphasis.

Ta nagroda należy się mnie! - This prize belongs to me!

mnie - the same as mi, but with emphasis

Dałem jemu wygrać. - I let him win.

jemu - the same as mu, but with emphasis

  • the forms that start with the letter n have to be used after prepositions.

Muszę walczyć przeciwko niemu. - I have to fight against him.

przeciwko - preposition

Dzięki niej możemy czuć się bezpieczni. - Thanks to her we may feel safe.

dzięki - preposition

/ Home / Grammar / Cases / Dative Case (Celownik) / Personal Pronouns

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