8 thoughts on “Grammar”

  1. This is so helpful and I can tell that you are very passionate about languages. Dziekuje bardzo!! Twoja praca jest wazna. 🙂 przepraszam for any mistakes (my computer does not allow me to type any polish letters unfortunately)

  2. you created really great video for practicing polish but I haven’t seen you post more for a while, please update more, you are great teacher

  3. Hi,

    Just to let you know, it was your first polish alphabet video that got me started on this journey to learn Polish. It’s been almost three years due to circumstances, but I’m determined by the end of the year to be fully fluent.
    So Thank you very much for your detailed video. You make them with wonderful effort.

  4. Hi! Great content. Would you consider making a video explaining the cases itself? How to differentiate them. Thanks!

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